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Mica is a collaborative group of developers and designers. We’re inspired by organizations that are making a meaningful difference, and we strive to truly contribute to their efforts.

Below are some examples of our work. Thanks for your interest, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Statistical Society

The Statistical Society of Canada has been active in the development and application of statistics in public life since 1972.


There were two standout preferences voiced by the stakeholders for this logo redesign: to feature the colour red prominently, and to bring forward imagery from the organization’s coat of arms, which had been serving as its primary visual identity.

Statistical Society of Canada's coat of arms

Imagery is drawn from the coat of arms

The identifying wide head of the owl is indicated with two transluscent colour regions. With the colours of printing ink, red is produced by mixing magenta and yellow. The logo mimicks this mixture digitally with a “multiply” transparency.


The SSC is an active medium for the sharing of ideas, particularly through conferences and face-to-face professional connections.

Given that, the home page of the website prominently features images of these ongoing forums and events.

The logo has a free-floating quality, with no distinct margins or alignment. Following this, the location of the logo is anything but aligned with margins or implied grids.

These presentation templates encourage fewer ideas per slide where possible, and have a eye towards simple and clean layouts.

This layout draws from the typical centered format of research papers, and suggests an academic tone. In particular, the title page shows how the logo can work on a centered layout by way of a generous amount of space. Offset in this way, the logo is more signature than title.

Layouts move towards a contemporary feel by way of varying margins on each page, and some “pleasingly awkward” dimensions and spacing.

Complementary Therapy

This logo and identity was designed for a massage therapist. The insignia is the client’s initials — M.B., drawn in the style of kanji calligraphy.

As her practice incorporates non-Western ideas, the logo has a distinctive asian feel.

It takes on a contemporary aesthetic through layout, and with a colour that’s associated with modern printing.

ERG Reader logo


This logo was for a researcher in disorders affecting the functioning of the retina.

The primary diagnostic tool in this field is the electroretinogram (ERG), which measures the electrical activity generated by cells in the retina.

While exploring ideas for a logo concept, the client described the data the ERG measures, and with variation, the typical shape it plots:

ERG Reader readout

The logo is based on that curve, which is very familiar to professionals in the field.

The remaining effect to be achieved was a dynamic and distinctive image through colour and layout.

ERG Reader stationary
Autism Research website

Autism Research

The Act Early Autism Project was both a treatment study, and a public education initiative.

The educational component was communicated via posters in community centres, health centres, through interviews on local radio, and in guest columns in community newspapers.

The distinctive look created for the study, the cohesive communications, and the broad community outreach all contributed to the required participation numbers being met surprisingly quickly.


With its arrow motif, the logo reinforce the importance of diagnosis and intervention at the earliest possible moment in a child’s development.

The brush-stroke texture of the arrow adds some warmth to the graphic, and the exclamation mark serves to soften the imperative of the text with a more casual tone.

Art Exhibit Invitation

Art Exhibit Invitation

The art featured in this invitation was expansive — up to 24 feet across. The primary goal of this design was to give a sense of that scale.

To accomplish this, the invitation was quite large, and the featured art spanned folding panels.

As well, the panels were cut at differing widths so as to reveal the art inside, further conveying the art’s size.

Art Exhibit Invitation - Diagrem

Arts Publication

Zygote was a magazine published by the AOE Arts Council in Ottawa, Canada.

It features art, writing and photography produced by young artists in the Gloucester region.

The magazine won an Ontario Arts award for best new publication.


A “zygote” is the first, single cell formed by a fertilization. That metaphor of combination is expressed in the wordmark’s “o”, and in the magazine’s tagline.

Zygote magazine
Kleo website


Kleo supports the ethnic Karen people in the mountain regions of Burma and Thailand.


Kleo’s founder, Coleen Scott, spends half the year with the Karen in villages and refugee camps.

The Kleo website is designed as more of a coffee-table book experience, with longer-form writing, interspersed with vivid images.

The rationale is that only with in-depth insight will people contribute to Kleo’s efforts in a meaningful, sustained way.
Coleen’s recorded audio and video — captured spontaneously with a low-end mobile phone, was assembled into vignettes that further paint a picture of Karen life.

Chess Broadcaster

The Chessbrahs are Grandmaster chess players who video stream their online competition, and commentate for live tournaments.

In so doing, they bring to the chess world a unique combination of irreverent humour, the vibe of the electronic music scene, and elite-level play.

Their goal is nothing less than to create a shift in the chess world, to inspire new energy and interest, and in the words of their founder GM Eric Hansen, to “make chess sexy”.

Chessbrah online stream

Twitch Cast

Twitch is an online broadcasting network which is popular  among millennials, and gamers in particular. The Chessbrah stream draws 25,000 views per month, making it a major broadcast in the chess world.

Twitch allows for regions of a computer screen to be captured, and then broadcast live over the internet. For the Chessbrah stream, several regions are captured, and in turn broadcast to viewers on a single screen.

Twitch cast diagram

  1. The live chessboard of an online competition,
  2. that competition’s scorecard and timer,
  3. the player’s web cam,
  4. the custom background.

Chessbrah logo - dark

To represent the Chessbrah phenomenon fully, the logo and surrounding designs have to pull off the trick of expressing the antithetical ideas of irreverence and excellence.

Chessbrah logo - light






(Full-screen, HD recommended.)

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